About Ministry Resource Network:

John and Ginger Rowell planted Northside Community Church in December 1984.  Over the course of nearly twenty years of service in that church plant, missions was a major focus of attention.  John created Ministry Resource Network, Inc. (MRN) as a non-profit organization established to serve the outreach vision of that church.  MRN was the vehicle for launching several youth ministries, a worship dance academy, and a sports ministry for hime school families.  But MRN has been primarily focused on church planting in post-war Bosnia Hercegovina. Now MRN is serving as the base organization under which the Generations Church plant is beginning.  Generations is able to receive contributions through MRN as it becomes a missional expression of the 20 year old mission umbrella.  In this respect, the leaders of Generations are joining  the other MRN staff members serving as foundational workers in church planting efforts in Siberia, Bosnia and in medical missions in Africa – only the Generations context is in the US not overseas!

This has always been God’s process for extending the kingdom.  A local church creates a mission team (as Antioch did with Paul and Barnabas in Acts 13); and the mission team starts new churches (as Paul and Barnabas did in Acts 13 and 14); and those churches then add to the mission force (as Derbe and Lystra did in Acts 16. As this process is repeated, local churches and mission teams advance in a “leap frog” dynamic that penetrates new cultures with the gospel and that extends the kingdom of God.  Please pray for us the leaders of Generations and MRN stay on the task of extending the kingdom in the US, in Bosnia, in Siberia, and in Africa.